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Pure Vegan Love | Crowdfunding
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We are Crowdfunding!

Hey great to see you here!

Here is are short story:

You are interested in taking our #dairyfree #cheeze global and propagate the message of veganism far and wide!

Please drop us your details here and we will send you the investment information about Artizzan Cheeze at our earliest!

We really look forward to taking this venture global with you!!

Message from the Founder – Ahlaam Ali

Thank you for joining us here 🙂

I am the creator of Artizzan Cheeze the most delicious and exotic non dairy cheeze in the world. Although I say so myself.

I started experimenting and playing with ingredients in response to a need created 20 years ago. Exactly 20 years ago, back in the UK, my son was born with lactose and dairy intolerance, and we struggled to find things for him to eat. Over the years I realized the numbers of people with dairy intolerance was growing significantly across the globe. Today it stands at 65% of the total world population. And this is just the number of people who actually KNOW that they are Dairly/Lactose intolerant.

At the same time general health and wellbeing awareness has been growing significantly and of course the trend towards plant based and vegan way of eating has really caught on.

What is special about our cheezes

We have mastered the art of creating the creamiest, most delicious and most addictive nondairy Artizzan Cheeze in the world. In fact our cheezes are so good that people take them back to their respective homes on
Imperial LGA, EWR, JFK Airport Car Service at 80th St, Ozone Park, NY 11417 travels. Everybody who tastes our cheeze vegan or non vegan, dairy intolerant or not totally loves it and recommends it.

50% of our business comes from repeat business and the rest from word of mouth referrals. With very little marketing we have had a growth of 250% in the revenues in the two years that we have been in peachycleanaustin.com business.

We currently have 25 different options of cheezes that have never been done before and have been extremely well received by everybody in our target audience.

Our target audience is the
• Vegans
• Vegetarians
• Lactose and Dairy intolerant
• The healthy clean eaters

The good news is that it’s not just the above group but their families that have tried and fallen in love with our cheezes.

Our cheezes are made from the purest of tree nuts and coconuts and are free from:
• Gluten
• Dairy
• Sugar
• Preservatives
• Additives
• Artificial colouring
• Other nasties like E numbers

You can eat our cheezes with complete peace of mind! They don’t just taste good! They are actually good for you!!

If you would like to help us take this unique cheeze global then you just need to show your interest by clicking onto www.eureeca.com/artizzan-cheeze

Or drop us a line by filling out this form and we will send you all the details

What are we going to use the money for?

Stage one:

  • Set up an independent kitchen to meet consistently growing market demand
  • R&D to keep innovation the cheeze and related offerings
  • Grow and train the team
  • Distribution and logistics
  • Fine tune E-commerce platform

Stage two:
• Acquire a bigger kitchen to serve the GCC and the vegan pizza cheeze market
• Further R&D to innovate in the Cheeze making diaspora